Case Study: Mass Spec-based Validation of SH2 Domain Cystine-mediated Linkage

In this webinar, Dr. Scott Weed (Associate Professor, West Virginia University) and Dr. Matthew Powell (CSO, Protea Biosciences) will discuss a collaborative project that used mass spectrometry to characterize protein-protein interactions for the binding between Src SH2 domains and the cytoskeletal protein cortactin. This work conclusively demonstrated a novel mechanism of disulfide linkages formed between cysteines present in each protein, presenting a new paradigm for SH2 domain functionality in domain-based signal transduction.

This project was published in Journal of Cell Science: Src binds cortactin through an SH2 domain cystine-mediated linkage.

A PDF outlining the LC MS-MS method can be downloaded here.
Date: Thursday, August 15, 2013
Time: 4:00 PM EDT

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