C4 LithTips Sample Prep Kit, 1-10 µL

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Product Overview
The C4 LithTips Sample Prep Kits contain tips and reagents for reversed-phase solid phase extraction for protein sample clean-up and for spotting of medium and large-size proteins from samples for MALDI mass spectrometry. These kits are effective in concentrating and desalting small and large proteins, resulting in mass spectra with better S/N and reduced salt adducts. The Sample Prep Kits contain C4 LithTips for 1-10 µL sample volumes, 10 mL Sample Reconstitution and Rinse solution, 10 mL Equilibration Solution, and 10 mL Elution Solution. The C4 monoliths are immobilized on the inner surface of a pipette tip, providing a large surface area for sample capture. In addition, the central portion of the monolith lining the tip is hollow, eliminating backpressure problems during pipetting.
Features and Specifications
  • Effective desalting of protein samples
  • Low backpressure during sample processing
  • Binding Capacity: 0.5 µg

Research Applications:
  • MALDI spotting of medium and large-size proteins
  • Desalting proteins from cell lysates
  • Concentration of proteins extracted from dilute solutions
  • Clean-up of proteins electroeluted from polyacrylamide gels

Binding capacity: 0.5 µg
Sample volume: 1 – 10 µL
Data Sets

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C4 LithTips Sample Prep Kit, 1-10 µL Availability
This product is discontinued and no longer for sale.

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