C18 LithTips Sample Prep Kit, 1-10 µL

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Product Overview
The C18 LithTips Sample Prep Kits contain tips and reagents for reversed-phase solid phase extraction for protein sample clean-up and for spotting of peptides and small proteins from samples for MALDI mass spectrometry. These kits are effective in concentrating and desalting peptides and small proteins, resulting in mass spectra with better S/N and reduced salt adducts. The Sample Prep Kits contain C18 LithTips for 1-10 µL sample volumes, 10 mL Sample Reconstitution and Rinse solution, 10 mL Equilibration Solution, and 10 mL Elution Solution. The C18 monoliths are immobilized on the inner surface of a pipette tip, providing a large surface area for sample capture. In addition, the central portion of the monolith lining the tip is hollow, eliminating backpressure problems during pipetting.
Features and Specifications
  • Effective desalting of protein samples
  • Low backpressure during sample processing
  • Binding Capacity: 0.5 µg

Research Applications:
  • Desalting peptides from protein digests prior to analysis by mass spectrometry
  • MALDI spotting of peptide and small protein samples
  • Concentration of peptides extracted from dilute solutions

Binding capacity: 0.5 µg
Sample volume: 1 – 10 µL
Data Sets

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C18 LithTips Sample Prep Kit, 1-10 µL Availability
This product is discontinued and no longer for sale.

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