SCX ProteaPlate Sample Prep Kit

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Product Overview
The SCX ProteaPrep 96 well plate is a polypropylene plate containing immobilized 5 µm, 300 Å, SCX silica beads for clean-up of intact protein samples prepared for MALDI and electrospray mass spectrometry. Simple desalting and sample clean-up is accomplished using a vacuum based system, which allows for quick and simultaneous processing of 96 samples. The SCX ProteaPlate is supplied with the appropriate reagents for desalting which include a sample reconstitution buffer (25 mL), a sample wash buffer (2 x 25 mL) and an elution buffer (25 mL), as well as a sample collection plate. Each well can effectively bind up to 1 mg of protein and accommodate sample volumes of up to 300 µL in each well.
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SCX ProteaPlate Sample Prep Kit Availability
This product is discontinued and no longer for sale.

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