C18 ProteaPlate Sample Prep Kit

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Product Overview
The C18 ProteaPrep 96 well plate is a polypropylene plate containing immobilized 5 µm, 300 Å, C18 silica beads for clean-up of protein digest samples prepared for MALDI and electrospray mass spectrometry. Simple desalting and sample clean-up is accomplished using a vacuum based system, which allows for quick and simultaneous processing of 96 samples. The C18 ProteaPrep is supplied with the appropriate reagents for desalting which include an equilibration buffer (25 mL), a reconstitution and rinse buffer (2 x 25 mL) and an elution buffer (25 mL), as well as a sample collection plate. Each well can effectively bind up to 1 mg of peptides and accommodate sample volumes of up to 300 µL in each well.
Data Sets

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C18 ProteaPlate Sample Prep Kit Availability
This product is discontinued and no longer for sale.

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