Protein Gel Stains

Protea’s Protein Gel Stains offer excellent sensitivity for visualizing intact proteins separated by SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis.

For general protein visualization and quantitation by densitometry, SuperBlue™ Coomassie Stains are the industry’s choice for quick staining and accurate results. SuperBlue Coomassie Stains are sensitive down to 20-40 ng and are available in both colloidal (G250) and traditional (R250) formulations.

SuperBlue Ultra™ Coomassie Stain combines rapid, high-sensitivity detection with excellent mass spec compatibility. SuperBlue Ultra Stains are sensitive to between 2 - 4 ng, provide a biosafe environment for samples, and offer high band resolution for image publication.

Protea’s Silver Stain Kit offers a highly sensitive traditional staining method designed to deliver excellent results with direct MALDI analysis. ZincPlus™ Stains is a negative gel stain that provides effective protein visualization without compromising subsequent down-stream mass spec analysis.

SuperBlue Ultra, SuperBlue Coomassie, and ZincPlus Stains are fully compatible with the GPR-850 Gel Protein Recovery System.

  • Wide range of detection
  • Diverse applications
  • Traditional and negative stains
  • SuperBlue Coomassie Stain reacts stoichiometrically with proteins
  • Silver Stain and ZincPlus Stain are highly sensitive and interchangeable

Research Applications:
  • Visualization of proteins after 1D or 2D gel electrophoresis
  • Visualization of proteins separated on IPG strips
  • Protein quantitation of gel separated proteins by densitometry

  • Blue liquid solution (SB-R250-500mL)
  • Colorless liquid solution (SS-100-kit and ZS-100-kit)
  • This product is for R&D use only; it is not for drug, household, or other uses.

Available Protein Gel Stains

    Differentiation between Protea SuperBlue Coomassie Stains
    Protea’s SuperBlue™ Coomassie stains are an excellent choice for visualizing proteins separated by SDS-PAGE gel electrophoresis. SuperBlue Coomassie Stains, R250 and G250 stains are two chemical forms of a disulfonated triphenylmethane compound that is commonly used as the basis of stains for detection of proteins in gel electrophoresis. The SuperBlue Coomassie Stain, R250 (red-tinted) form lacks two methyl groups that are present in the SuperBlue Coomassie Stain, G250 (green-tinted) form, which is also called colloidal Coomassie dye.

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    MS Compatibility of Protea Silver Stain Kit and ProteaGel Solutions
    Silver staining of proteins is a useful technique for the detection of minor protein components that are difficult to visualize by standard Coomassie blue stains. Silver stains are 50 to 100-fold more sensitive than conventional Coomassie stains and thus capable of detecting low nanogram quantities of protein on gels. The Protea Silver Stain formulation is unique in that the staining process can be completed in about 35 minutes (including the 15 min. fixing step) without sacrificing the sensitivity of detection. In addition, the silver stain kit is compatible with MALDI analysis.

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