MultiMod PTM Standard I

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Product Overview
Protea's Peptide Standards are lyophilized peptides that are useful for the standardization and method development of proteomic analyses. Our MultiMod PTM Standard I contains one species of each of the following post-translationally modified peptides: phosphorylated, glycosylated, sulfated, nitrosylated, nitrated, acetylated, oxidized, and methylated. Protea offers each of these modified peptides individually and also the non-modified peptide partner to each of these standards. Each Peptide Standard is Certified Mass Spec Grade and provided in convenient, lyophilized vials for easy reconstitution and usage.

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Features and Specifications
  • Certified Mass Spec Grade
  • Convenience of multiple post-translational modifications within the same standard
  • Lyophilized for long shelf-life and easy reconstitution

Research Applications:
  • Method development for modified peptide mapping studies
  • Internal standard for modified protein and peptide analysis
  • Standardization of affinity capture and selective enrichment protocols

Protea's MultiMod PTM Standards are provided in a lyophilized format. Each vial of PS-430 contains 4000 pmol of total peptide and is batch tested for quality assurance.
Data Sets

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MultiMod PTM Standard Availability
MultiMod PTM Standard
500 pmol each peptide
***this product must be shipped cold, requiring 1 or 2 day shipping
PS-430-11$268.00add to cart
MultiMod PTM Standard
3 x 500 pmol each peptide
***this product must be shipped cold, requiring 1 or 2 day shipping
PS-430-33$683.40add to cart

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MultiMod PTM Standard

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