Nitrated ACTH (1-10)

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Product Overview
Protea's Nitrated Peptide Standards are lyophilized peptides that are useful for the standardization and method development of nitroproteomic analyses. Nitrated ACTH (1-10) (#PS-320) contains 500 pmol of ACTH (1-10) with a nitrated tyrosine at position 2. Protea also offers a non-nitrated peptide partner standard (#PS-606) that contains 500 pmol of non-nitrated ACTH (1-10). Each Peptide Standard is Certified Mass Spec Grade and provided in convenient, lyophilized vials for easy reconstitution and usage.
Features and Specifications
  • Certified Mass Spec Grade
  • Nitrated and non-nitrated peptide standard partners
  • Lyophilized for long shelf-life and easy reconstitution

Research Applications:
  • Method development for nitrated peptide mapping studies
  • Internal standard for nitrated protein and nitrated peptide analysis
  • Standardization of affinity capture and selective enrichment protocols

Protea's Nitrated Peptide Standards are provided in a lyophilized format. Each vial of PS-320 contains 500 pmol of total peptide and is batch tested for quality assurance.
Data Sets

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Nitrated ACTH (1-10) Availability
This product is discontinued and no longer for sale.

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