Phosphopeptide Standard I

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Product Overview
Protea's Phosphopeptide Standards are sets of purified peptides that have been especially designed to provide high quality MS signals. Provided as lyophilized peptide mixtures, they are useful for the standardization and method development of phosphoproteomic analyses.

Phosphopeptide Standard I (PS-180) contains three singly-phosphorylated peptides, with one representative species each of serine (S), threonine (T), and tyrosine (Y) phosphopeptides.

Non-phosphorylated Peptide Partners to Standard I (PS-182) contains the corresponding three non-phosphorylated peptide partners for Phosphopeptide Standard I.

Phosphopeptide Standard II (PS-181) contains equimolar amounts of the three phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated peptides in PS-180 and PS-182.

Each Protea Phosphopeptide Standard is Certified to provide high quality signals in mass spectrometry procedures, and is provided in convenient, lyophilized vials for easy reconstitution and usage.

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Features and Specifications
  • Certified Mass Spec Grade
  • Available as matched phosphorylated and non-phosphorylated peptide standard partners
  • Provided in a lyophilized format for long shelf-life and easy reconstitution

Research Applications:
Protea's phosphopeptide standards are suitable for use in protein Mass Spectrometry procedures, including:
  • Method development for phosphopeptide mapping studies
  • Internal standards for phosphoprotein and phosphopeptide analysis
  • Standardization of affinity capture and selective enrichment protocols

  • Each Phosphopeptide Standard is performance tested to assure purity and high quality of mass spec signal.
  • Protea's Phosphopeptide Standards are provided in a lyophilized format. Each vial of PS-180-1 and PS-182-1 contains 1500 pmol of total peptide. Each vial of PS-181-1 contains 3000 pmol of total peptide.

Data Sets

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Phosphopeptide Standard I Availability
Phosphopeptide Standard I
500 pmol each peptide
***this product must be shipped cold, requiring 1 or 2 day shipping
PS-180-11$168.00add to cart
Phosphopeptide Standard I
3 x 500 pmol each peptide
***this product must be shipped cold, requiring 1 or 2 day shipping
PS-180-33$428.40add to cart

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Phosphopeptide Standard I

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