Cytochrome C

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Product Overview
Protea's Mass Spec Grade Protein Standards are for use in mass spectrometry, molecular biology, and life science laboratories. These products are high quality standards for use in the calibration of protein analyses by electrospray ionization (ESI) and MALDI mass spectrometry analyses. The Protein Standards also provide an excellent sample for proteomics method development, enzymatic digestion studies, and characterization of LC-MS analytical systems. For quality assurance and standardization purposes, each standard protein is provided with a high-resolution mass spectrum of the protein.
Features and Specifications
  • Certified Mass Spec Grade
  • Wide range of molecular weights available
  • Lyophilized for longer storage stability and easy reconstitution in sample buffers

Research Applications:
  • Calibration and standardization of protein analysis by ESI- and MALDI-MS
  • Enzymatic digestion and characterization of LC-MS systems
  • Molecular weight markers for SDS-PAGE gels

  • Source: equine heart
  • Protein Molecular Weight (Da): 12360
  • SwissProt Accession Number: P00004
  • Protein Sequence:

Data Sets

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Cytochrome c Availability
Cytochrome c
25 mg
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Cytochrome c
3 x 25 mg
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Cytochrome c

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