Electrophoresis Bundle

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Product Overview
Power Up Your Electrophoresis Needs with this Great Bundle!
This is a great offer for new labs getting started with electrophoresis and for any lab looking to increase their capabilities. Order by using promo codes PRO-100-BR (for Bio-Rad style gels), or PRO-100-IV (for Invitrogen style gels).

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Protea Electrophoresis bundle includes:
iPAGE 300V power supply (PG-510)
  • Can power 4 gel boxes at a time with variable voltage from 0 to 300V
  • 0 to 500 mA current and 90 watt total power output rating operates at either constant current or constant voltage modes
  • Used for DNA, RNA, or Protein electrophoresis
  • Digital LCD display with timer and autotmatic shut off
  • Small footprint with compact, stackable design
10x 10% Acrylamide Mini Gels
  • For Either Bio-Rad or Invitrogen gel boxes
  • 10 well, 10% acrylamide
TriColor Pre-stained Protein Molecular Weight Marker (MM-110)
  • 10 to 180 kDA proteins
  • Ten proteins coupled to colored dyes (orange, green, and blue)
Super Blue Coomassie stain, G250 Certified MS grade (SB-G250-500ML)
  • Sensitive to 20ng protein levels
  • Rapid process – 30 minute destain for optimal band visualization
***Please to download documentation.

This product is available in North America only.

Electrophoresis Bundle Availability
This product is discontinued and no longer for sale.

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