Pepsin Digestion Kit

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Product Overview
Pepsin is a digestive protease that is specific for the cleavage at the carboxy terminus side of tyrosine (Y), tryptophan (W), phenylalanine (F), and leucine (L) bonds. Pepsin typically does not cleave at bonds containing valine, alanine, or glycine. Protea's pepsin is highly purified, resulting in a product suitable for proteomics work. Pepsin is an acidic protease, and its inactive zymogen precursor, pepsinogen, is produced in the stomach mucosa. Pepsin digestions are optimally carried out at pH 1 to 3.
Features and Specifications
  • High purity, Certified Mass Spec Grade enzyme for proteomics applications
  • Convenient pre-weighed aliquots and 10X digestion buffer for quick digestion and sample prep
  • Quality Assurance tested for specificity and performance

Research Applications:
  • Protein identification and characterization by LC-MS/MS
  • Peptide fingerprint analysis
  • General protein sequencing

A. Lyophilized powder (contains enzyme stabilizers)
B. Source: porcine stomach
C. This product is for RandD use only, not for drug, household, or other uses.
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Pepsin Digestion Kit Availability
Pepsin Digestion Kit
Pepsin, Certified MS Grade (PE-103-5) and Pepsin Digestion Buffer (FC-498-1)
***this product must be shipped cold, requiring overnight shipping
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Pepsin Digestion Kit

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