GPR MALDI Bottom-Up Prep Kit, Low MW

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Product Overview
Protea’s GPR Application Kits are designed for post-GPR processing of proteins recovered from gels. Each kit contains application-specific components for effective sample clean-up and preparation prior to MALDI or LC-MS analysis. All Application Kits contain a surfactant degradation reagent for efficient breakdown of Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants contained in GPR Electroelution Buffers.

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Features and Specifications
  • Solution-phase digestion permits reduced handling losses and contamination risks than those inherent to in-gel digestion
  • Solution-phase digestion ensures that the entire protein is available for digestion and eliminates the need for extraction of peptides and the associated risk of not recovering peptides that are poorly extracted in in-gel digestions.
  • Faster delivery to mass spec than traditional in-gel digestion.
  • Quick, efficient degradation of Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants
  • MALDI matrix and C18 LithTips included for fast, easy MALDI target spotting

Research Applications:
  • Protein identification and characterization
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Degradation product analysis for protein drug products

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GPR MALDI Bottom-Up Prep Kit, Low MW Availability
This product is discontinued and no longer for sale.

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GPR MALDI Bottom-Up Prep Kit, Low MW

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