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Product Overview
Utilizing advances in gel excision technology, this Gel Spot Picker is used to cut gel spots, 2.6mm in diameter from polyacrylamide and agarose gels. The Gel Spot Picker, is a one touch tool that scores a precise gel spot, that fits snugly into a GPRchip reservoir.

The Gel Spot Picker, 2.6mm diameter, is available as a stand-alone gel excision tool or as part of the GPR-800 product bundle, an instrument package that includes all of the tools necessary for protein recovery from polyacrylamide gels.
Features and Specifications
  • Precise excision of a 2.6mm in diameter gel spot.
  • Easy excision and expelling into GPRchip or digestion vial
  • Minimum contact with the gel during sampling
  • Gel spot fits well inside the reservoir of a GPRchip.

Research Applications:
  • Top-down proteomics (determination of intact protein molecular weight)
  • Bottom-up proteomics (in gel digestions)

  • Stainless steel core with 2.6mm diameter plug size

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Gel Spot Picker
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Gel Spot Picker

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