GPR Electroelution Buffer V, CAPS Plus

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Product Overview
The Gel Protein Recovery (GPR) Electroelution Buffer V is specially formulated to optimize the extraction of intact hydrophobic proteins from polyacrylamide gel plugs by electroelution at pH 11. The GPR Electroelution Buffer V features Protea's Anionic Acid Labile Surfactant II (AALS II) to provide a safe alternative to SDS-based electroelution buffers with the added benefit of increased compatibility with mass spectrometry. The AALS II detergent is quickly and efficiently degraded under acidic conditions into chemical species that do not associate with the sample or possess surfactant properties. We recommend that the GPR Electroelution Buffer V be used with our Gel Protein Recovery system.
Features and Specifications
  • The AALS II detergent is fully compatible with downstream applications (e.g. mass spectrometry).
  • The AALS II detergent allows solubilization of hydrophobic proteins with the benefit of rapid
    and efficient detergent degradation.
  • Optimally buffered for gel protein recovery at pH 11.

Research Applications:
  • Allows improved recovery of intact hydrophobic proteins from 1D and 2D polyacrylamide gels by
  • Top-down analysis of intact hydrophobic proteins.
  • Protein identification and characterization by mass spectrometry from gel based samples.

  • Colorless liquid solution buffered to pH 11.
  • This product is for RandD use only; it is not for drug, household, or other uses.

Data Sets

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This product is discontinued and no longer for sale.

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GPR Electroelution Buffer V, CAPS Plus

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