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Using ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits to Effectively Lyse Yeast Cells

The ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits, Mass Spec Grade have been specially designed for the efficient recovery of purified protein lysates from biological samples. The ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Buffers are proprietary formulations containing a mixture of salts and surfactants that have been optimized for efficient solubilization, extraction, and recovery of most proteins during cell lysis. The ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits feature the Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants, a powerful acid cleavable molecule that alleviates the problems commonly associated with SDS and other surfactants in proteomics studies.

Developing a method for efficient cell lysis and protein extraction of Saccharomyces cerevisiae can be problematic due to the thick, tough, and rigid cell wall. Traditional extraction techniques involve harsh conditions which could cause limited yields or problems with downstream applications. ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits are mass spec compatible, and a great alternative to the traditional lysis kits.

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