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Progenta Zwitterionic Acid Labile Surfactant in 2D Gel Rehydration

The 2D sample rehydration buffer is used to denature and solubilize protein samples and rehydrate the IPG strips. The 2D sample rehydration buffer must keep proteins in solution during rehydration and not affect the pI of the protein. The buffer typically contains a denaturing agent (urea), solubilizing agent (surfactant), and reducing agent (DTT).

Protea’s Progenta Zwitterionic Acid Labile Surfactants (ZALS) are novel, acid cleavable detergents that are fully compatible with mass spectrometry analysis. The Progenta ZALS's have been engineered to provide a safe alternative to detergents (e.g. CHAPS) that are commonly used in proteomics work but negatively impact subsequent analysis. While CHAPS and other detergents can improve protein solubility, they can be very difficult to remove during sample prep and purification of the protein sample. The objective of this document is to show that ZALS can be an adequate replacement for CHAPS in 2D sample rehydration buffer.

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