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Online Core-Shell HPLC Protein Separation and Top-Down Proteomics Using High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

Top-down proteomics applications have been developed using a new, revolutionary core-shell based HPLC column (Protea Amplus®) for online separation of proteins. This new technology combines the benefits of core shell silica particle design with large porous size providing the ideal solution for intact proteins analysis. With ultra low eddy diffusion due to the consistent packing and improved coefficient of mass transfer, Amplus technology provides a flat van Deemter curve allowing application flexibility. The porosity of 300 Å allows proteins to have a very homogeneous, predictable and efficient interaction with the stationary phase.

The end result is enhanced separation of complex protein mixtures with limited peak dispersion of separated proteins. Typical Amplus applications include: intact protein analysis, top-down proteomics, post-translational modification analysis, peptide mapping and quality control analysis of biopharmaceuticals.

In this poster, we present separation of several intact proteins by HPLC-MS as well as characterization of glycosylated or non glycosylated protein proteoforms. 

ASMS2013 Poster TP-212

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