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Imaging Lipids in Mouse Brain Tissue Using the Protea LAESI DP-1000 System

Mass spectrometry Imaging (MSI) is a rapidly developing technique for mapping the spatial distribution of biomolecules, metabolites and pharmaceuticals over a sample area. This technique has shown great potential for new diagnostic biomarker discovery, and benefits from the molecular specificity and sensitivity of mass spectrometry. For example, some tissue sections indistinguishable by histopathological methods can be differentiated by the spatial distribution of certain biomarker molecules. Lipids are one of class of biomolecules that lipidomics researchers are very interested in obtaining molecular ion maps by MSI. Lipids are structurally diverse compounds, which are most commonly known for being a major component of cell and organelle membranes. They are also involved in a wide range of cellular processes such as energy storage, membrane anchoring, cell signalling, subcellular partitioning and protein trafficking.

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