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Identification of Peanut Allergens Extracted Using Protea Cell Lysis Kits

Protea’s acid labile surfactant cell lysis kit can be used to extract proteins from peanut samples for identification by mass spectrometry. Peanut proteins are classified into two main groups, albumins or globulins, where globulins can further be subdivided into arachin and conarachin proteins, and albumins into agglutinins, lectin-reactive glycoproteins, protease inhibitors, α-amylase inhibitors and phospholipases (1). Some peanut proteins are known food allergens, capable of triggering allergic reactions. Several peanut proteins have been identified as peanut allergens, namely Arah1 to Arah8. Of these Arah proteins, peanut allergies are mainly caused by Arah1, Arah2, and Arah3/4 (1). These allergens are homologous to the seed storage protein families of vivilin, conglutin, and glycinin (2). Arah1 is known to be the most abundant allergen followed by Arah2, and then Arah3/4.

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