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CASE STUDY: Phosphorylation Site Characterization

Phosphoproteomics of Cell Lysates Using Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) Phosphopeptide Enrichment Combined With LC-MS/MS

A recent proteomics client approached Protea’s Bioanalytical Services team with a project to identify phosphorylation sites on proteins found in their samples of interest. The client had initially utilized Protea’s MuDPIT technique to construct a global protein profile of their samples. The client intended to further investigate these samples and determine the effects of experimental treatments on protein phosphorylation. A secondary goal was to look for site-specific protein phosphorylation at selected amino acids due to their biological relevance. Using titanium dioxide (TiO2) phosphopeptide enrichment and Protea’s global proteome characterization, the client was able to achieve the goals of their phosphoproteomics investigations. This case study illustrates how phosphopeptide enrichment offers a comprehensive analytical toolset.

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