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CASE STUDY: Human Plasma Biomarker Discovery by MuDPIT

Discovering new protein biomarkers is critical in scientific understanding of disease pathway mechanisms. Novel protein biomarkers provide the basis for earlier disease diagnosis, more accurate prognosis of disease aggression, and better prediction of patient response to therapy. Researchers and clinicians are actively pursuing toolsets for the discovery and verification of new protein biomarker candidates. Protea's Bioanalytical Services team assisted multiple clients in determining unique protein biomarkers. Using a wide range of sample preparation methods and techniques paired with a variety of analytical approaches, Protea's interdisciplinary team has developed a variety of methods for delivering a global proteomic profile to their clients. This global snapshot is essential in elucidating proteins, which play key roles in disease processes. Multi Dimensional Protein Identification Technology (MuDPIT) combined with LC-MS/MS is one technique which can be used for global proteome profiling. MuDPIT enables advnaced analysises of complex samples, such as entire organism proteome, biological fluids, tissues, cells, cellular membranes, and isolated subcellular organelles. This case study highlights the utility of the MuDPIT technique for the characterization of proteins in a pooled, human plasma sample.

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