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CASE STUDY: Disulfide Bridge Mapping by LC MS-MS

Protea’s Bioanalytical Services team assists pharmaceutical scientists in understanding the three-dimensional structure of proteins. Understanding protein structures is essential to the development of protein-based therapeutics since the three-dimensional structure of a protein is directly related to its efficacy.

Protea’s Bioanalytical Services laboratory employs disulfide bridge mapping of proteins by mass spectrometry to provide critical insight into a protein’s three-dimensional structure. This contributes to a greater understanding of the protein structure-function relationship. It has been demonstrated in multiple papers that any changes in disulfide bonding patterns due to a new or altered processing method may have adverse effects on the efficacy of biotherapeutic products due to alterations in protein folding.

This case study highlights the utility of high resolution mass spectrometry analysis and the latest bioinformatics software in mapping disulfides in two common proteins.

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