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Protea is the sole industry provider of technology and services for Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization (LAESI) Mass Spectrometry. Utilizing a proprietary direct sample ionization process, this innovation for mass spec imaging allows researchers to see their molecules of interest WHERE they are and AS they are in nature.

Protea offers both the award winning LAESI DP-1000 System as well as bioanalytical Mass Spec Imaging Services using this system.

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Research Laboratory

Protea's Research Laboratory combines bioanalytical and imaging mass spectrometry disciplines to deliver visualization, characterization, identification, and quantitation information to support your most difficult projects. Our multidisciplinary organization providing a holistic approach to bioanalytical studies, we are focused on Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI), Metabolomics, and Proteomics related projects.

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Mass Spec Sample Prep

We realize that the quality of your mass spec data is only as good as the sample you send to the mass spectrometer. At Protea, we strive help mass spec-based researcher prepare their samples in the best way possible for down-stream mass spec analysis. Our line of Bioanalytical Products are custom designed to help you obtain the clearest and least ambiguous results from your mass spec experiments.

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Case Studies and Webinars

At Protea, we take pride in contributing to the ever-growing body of bioanalytical knowledge. Through the innovations directly from our lab and our collaberation with thought-leaders in the industry, we are continually publishing cutting-edge scientific research and online educational webinars. Subscribe with and be sure to recieve the latest discoveries in bioanalytics.

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Investigation of histological sections provides insight into disease processes. This is critical to researchers serving clinical research communities. Traditional approaches to pathological examination using staining and visual inspection are effective, but time-consuming and subjective. There exists an urgent need to augment manual pathological examination with cellular-level chemical information, to improve efficiency and accuracy of these diagnoses, and to gain a better understanding of the biochemical pathways that contribute to disease. Direct analysis of histopathological tissue sections using imaging mass spectrometry enables cancer biologists and other life science researchers to develop this type of information.

Protea's Mass Spectrometry Imaging Center performs histopathological studies using high resolution imaging mass spectrometry to provide chemical confirmation. Imaging mass spectrometry enables researchers to identify biomolecules that are indicative of disease and spatially localize them within the tissue. The LAESI DP-1000 System provides direct tissue analysis without sample preparation, and our custom imaging software, ProteaPlot, quickly and easily generates biomolecule distribution ion maps.


Protea's REDIchip™ enables matrix-free small molecule analysis on your MALDI platform.

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