Progenta™ Acid Labile Surfactants

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Progenta Acid Labile Surfactants feature novel, acid cleavable formulations that are sample sensitive and fully compatible with mass spectrometry analysis. Simply integrate Progenta Surfactants into your protocol as you would any standard surfactant or low performing detergent.


ProteaPrep Cell Lysis Kits

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Protea Biosciences offers cell lysis products to help you prepare your sample for downstream applications. The cell lysis kit and protease inhibitor are essential products to start your protein experiments.

Ultrapure Maldi Matrices

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Protea Biosciences' Ultrapure MALDI Matrices are all recrystallized matrices for matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry. Each matrix produces homogenous crystals that lead to MALDI mass spectra with excellent resolution, high sensitivity, and high S/N ratios.


Endoproteinases And Digestion Kits

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Protea Biosciences offers a full range of highly purified enzymes that are suitable for peptide mapping and protein sequencing. Protea's enzymes have high specificity minimizing the frequency of missed cuts and enhancing database searching.


SpinTips Sample Prep Kits

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SpinTips are Protea Biosciences' large-sized functionalized pipette tip products. These tips are effective in salt and detergent removal, selective enrichment, general sample clean-up for downstream MS applications.


Proteomics and Analytical Standards

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Protea Biosciences has a great selection of standards to facilitate calibration, standardization, and troubleshooting of chromatographic separations in LC-MS, UV-HPLC, ion trap MS, Fourier transform MS, electrospray, and MALDI instruments. Our complete line of tuning standards is listed below.



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