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Cross Platform Lipid Imaging in Rodent Brain by LAESI-MS and MALDI-MS

Lipid analysis is an increasing area of interest for mass
spectrometry imaging (MSI) experiments and perhaps
the easiest class of molecules to detect due to their
high abundance and relatively low molecular weights.
Lipids are quite diverse in their structures and biological
functions, both in healthy tissues and in numerous
diseases. Lipids have been mapped using nearly every
surface mapping technique including LAESI®1, MALDI2,
DESI3, and SIMS4. In this application note, we compare
and contrast two surface sampling techniques, LAESI
and MALDI, in the types and abundance of lipids
detected in negative ion mode MSI of rat brain sections.
The combined use of the two techniques results in a
more robust data set due to their complimentary nature,
both in the species detected and their strengths as
mass spectrometry imaging platforms.

cross lipid imaging pdf





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