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Integration of MS Imaging and Proteomic Data for Biological Discovery in a 3D Microtissue Model of Colon Cancer

It is often a challenge to understand the biology presented by mass spectrometry images. Although the image presents the distribution of a molecule within the tissue, it can be difficult to interpret the significance of the image beyond a potential biomarker due to localization in the tissue. In addition, it is often found upon identification that the same proteins are observed in different tissue sections, regulated by different disease states, making it unclear as to what role a particular protein may play in a specific biological process.

In this work, we present a workflow integrating data from an imaging study on a 3D microtissue model of colon cancer (HCT116) with an ultrafast proteomics analysis on extracted proteins from the HCT116 spheroids. Our data illustrates that integration of imaging data with high throughput proteomics produces highly relevant biological data that may be used to increase the impact of the study.

[presented at ASMS 2015]





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