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A Novel Web Interface to Facilitate Histology Guided Mass Spectrometry

Clinical proteomics studies often involve large cohorts of samples that must be analyzed in a relatively short time frame. For the high throughput analysis of tissue samples, we are employing a histology guided mass spectrometry profiling approach. In this technique, a limited number of mass spectra are collected directly from tissues sections using histology as a guide; allowing for the spatial information to be maintained.

Frequently multiple investigators located at different physical locations participate in a single study necessitating a centralized platform for joint access to data and other information pertinent to the study. To help communicate histological targets of interests from remote researchers to the on-site technical team, the proteaScope™ web application was developed. ProteaScope was designed to be a secure, online digital histology platform specifically configured for downstream mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) analysis. Hosting ultra-high resolution digital microscopy images of stained serial tissue sections, proteaScope allows researchers to zoom into their samples to review and annotate specific areas for analysis. Once finalized, annotated images are exported from proteaScope for MSI targeting. Built for HTML5 browsers, proteaScope was deployed in a secure LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment, utilizing a Javascript visualization engine and server-side conversion tools.





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