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2D and 3D Direct Analysis of Plant Tissues

Joint ASMS 2013 Poster w/ Croda, Inc.
Title: Investigations into Adjuvant Efficacy upon the Surface Distribution and Penetration of a Herbicide into Plant Leaves by LAESI-MS Imaging Abstract:

Laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry imaging (LAESI-MSI) was used to investigate the influence of an agrochemical adjuvant on the spatial distribution of a commercial herbicide (2,4-D) when applied as aqueous droplets to the surfaces of poinsettia and cabbage leaves. This ambient technique enabled both 2D and 3D molecular images to be generated, illustrating that the addition of the adjuvant resulted in greater coverage of leaf surface area, a more even distribution, and considerably enhanced permeation of the active into the leaf. Further investigations clearly demonstrated that the adjuvant greatly enhanced the permeation of the 2,4-D into the leaf even after relatively short exposure times (2-8 hr) and that the distribution pattern formed on the surface was effectively replicated down through the various leaf layers. Studies were also performed to demonstrate whether the presence of adjuvant affected retention of the active on the leaf surface.





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