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Direct Sample Analysis Without Extraction Using LAESI-MS

ASP 2013 Poster
Laser ablation electrospray ionization (LAEII) is a technique for rapid sample introduction into a mass spectrometer. In LAESI-MS, water-containing samples can be ionized directly, without sample preparation, and at ambient pressure. In the LAESI-MS process, a mid-infrared laser (2.94 μm wavelength) strikes the sample to extract neutral species into the gas phase, where they are subsequently ionized by electrospray. LAESI-MS can be used for rapid profiling of liquids and for in vivo mass spectrometry imaging experiments on biological samples without sample preparation steps, such as matrix application. Several examples of applications of LAESI-MS will be presented including imaging of small molecules and lipid species in bacterial colonies, fungi, and flower petals.





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