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Drug Distribution Studies by Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI) using the LAESI DP-1000 System

An important step in drug development is the understanding of a drug’s distribution through the body and its penetration into organs. While traditional methods are effective for drug distribution studies, we have developed a system and workflow as described in this application note that reduces sample preparation, enables direct sample analysis, and provides spatial distribution information of known target molecules.

Whole body autoradiography (WBA) is an established technique for drug distribution studies where the drug of interest is radiolabeled in order to track its route through the body, and visualization is accomplished by autoradiography. Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) can be used in drug distribution studies (1). In MSI experiments, the whole body rodent tissue section is sampled across its entirety, and a mass spectrum is collected at every pixel. Images are created by selecting an ion originating from the drug compound and representing its intensity at each pixel of the sample using color intensities. Advantages of MSI include use of unlabeled drug compound, the ability to detect metabolites which have lost the radiolabel, and the ability to evaluate distribution of endogenous molecules within the test animal.





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